Tourism Society second ‘Big Thinkers’ event with Alex Sobel, Shadow Minister for Tourism & Heritage

16/02/2021 1:00 pm

Would the UK’s tourism sector be better off with a different government?

Alex Sobel thinks so… Join us for our 2nd session in the “Big Thinkers in Tourism” series at 1 pm on 16 February when the Shadow Minister for Tourism and Heritage gives you his views on how tourism could be helped to recover and rebuild for the next decade and takes your questions.

Alex Sobel has represented Leeds North West in Parliament since 2017 and was appointed the Shadow Minister of Tourism and Heritage in 2019. He is responsible for developing Labour’s domestic tourism policies and has been working to ensure the Government respond adequately to the unique challenges the sector is facing as a result of the pandemic. Alex believes that tourism and heritage could play a crucial role in a driving a green recovery from covid-19.

Date: 16/02/2021 1:00 pm

Alex Sobel