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  • Tourism Consultants Database

    A comprehensive, searchable member database for clients seeking a tourism consultant and consultants looking for partners. 

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  • Declaration Of Good Practice

    A set of professional standards, which Tourism Consultants Network members agree to follow. This demonstrates our members’ professional credibility to potential clients.

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  • Networking

    Online and offline events, offering opportunities for consultants to meet and exchange views.

  • Seminars And Events

    Events offering members an opportunity to gain insights, exchange ideas, and network with fellow consultants and potential clients.

  • Webinars

    Online events offering a global ideas exchange on topical, tourism-related issues.


Tourism Consultants Network Committee 2020

The TCN Committee manages the affairs of TCN. It comprises between four and eight members elected by TCN members at the Annual General Meeting for a period of twelve months. The Chairman is elected by the Committee, for a period of three years. The Committee may co-opt up to two additional members at its discretion.

The Committee organises discussion meetings, professional development, and networking opportunities, and actively promotes the TCN in domestic and international markets. Details of TCN activities and networking opportunities, and the minutes of all committee meetings are communicated regularly to members by email and newsletters.

We welcome applications from TCN members to join the Committee. If you are interested, please contact pam@pamfoden.com

Roger Goodacre

Roger Goodacre FTS



Tom Buncle FTS

Committee Member

Richard Denman

Dr Richard Denman FTS

Hon Secretary

Pam Foden pic photo new (for TMI) (002)

Pam Foden MTS

Hon Treasurer & Membership Secretary

Past Chairmen

Years Chairman
1989 - 1992John Brown
1993Michael East
1993 - 2000Chris Evans
2001 - 2002John Toovey
2002 - 2011Chris Wikeley
2012 - Present DayRoger Goodacre