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Why Join The Tourism Consultants Network?

  • Professional body

    Membership of Europe’s largest professional network of tourism consultants. Our membership spans most segments of the tourism sector.

  • Business Opportunities

    • Inclusion in our consultants’ database. This is searchable by potential clients looking for a consultant. It is also useful for consultants seeking to partner with other consultants with complementary skills
    • Access to project opportunities and any invitations to tender published on our website
  • Professional credibility

    Credibility in the eyes of clients, as a result of our professional Declararation of Good Practice. This is particularly useful when bidding for projects where clients require evidence of professional bona fides.

  • Networking

    Opportunities to meet other consultants and leading industry figures at our events – online and offline.

  • Insights

    Opportunity to catch up on topical issues in our regular newsletter and at our online and offline events.

  • Ideas Exchange

    Opportunity to exchange ideas and participate in debate with leading industry figures at our online and offline events.

  • Reputation

    Membership of a professional body suggests a level of gravity and commitment in any sector. TCN is the only body that offers this to tourism consultants.

  • UK and International

    The majority of TCN members are UK-based. But we also have a number of overseas members and are keen to welcome more.

Becoming A Member

TCN welcomes new members from both practising and aspiring tourism consultants. We have two membership categories:

Full Member

TCN aims to provide potential employers of tourism consultants with a source of experienced consultants in whose expertise and experience they can be confident: our full members.

The TCN annual subscription is £35 p.a.  You must be a member of the Tourism Society to join.

Associate Member

We also offer a means of networking to aspiring consultants seeking to further their professional development and grow their expertise, as well as to those providing tourism-related services, which may fall outside the traditional definition of tourism consultancy: our associate members.

The TCN annual subscription is £35 p.a.  You must be a member of the Tourism Society to join.


Member Endorsements

Tom Buncle FTS
Tom Buncle FTS
Yellow Railroad Ltd.

"If TCN didn’t exist as a professional body for tourism consultants, we’d need to invent it."

Ken Robinson
Ken Robinson

"If you are thinking of joining the Tourism Consultants Network, but don't see the point because you have nothing to learn or gain by talking and sharing expertise with leading experienced colleagues.....  then my advice is, don't join - but consider the possibility that you could be wrong." 

Nancy McGrath
Nancy McGrath
Britton McGrath Associates

TCN is our go-to for networking and sharing industry best practice.”

Dr. Roger Carter FTS
Dr. Roger Carter FTS
TEAM Tourism Consulting

TCN enables us to come together with other consultants, to learn about opportunities, to find partners with the right expertise, to speak with a common voice about shared concerns, and to keep up to date with latest developments.

Angela Kalisch
Angela Kalisch
Ananta Ethical Tourism Consultants

The TCN is a fabulous network providing integrity for clients, professional support, knowledge and information exchange, and opportunities for collaboration.”

Roger Goodacre
Roger Goodacre RG Associates

“As a self-employed consultant, I've found TCN invaluable over the years as a place to network with and get to know leading tourism experts, as a source of market intelligence and as a way of keeping up with developments in the consultancy field both in the UK and the wider world."