Book Review

Sport, Recreation & Tourism Event Management

This book has a distinctive North American bias, not surprising when the authors are both academics at Brock University , Ontario . Those seeking a text book on tourist event management will find that the text predominately covers sports events, although tourist events are also given some cover. A number of examples given are on the Olympic Games, which indicates the level of event at which that the authors have aimed. The theories in the findings could be applied to smaller events, but it is unlikely that those organisers of small scale events will get much practical advice from the book.

The book starts with chapters on concepts and progresses onto planning, evaluation and bidding. The early chapters are predominantly theoretical, but as the book progresses, there is more practical advice offered to compliment the theory. There is a set of questions after each chapter to check understanding.

There is a chapter which covers the role of volunteers in some depth, including the role of volunteers at the Commonwealth Games in Manchester (2002). This is an essential part of event management that is often overlooked in other text books.

Another hapter includes sampling and surveys for event evaluation and gives clear advice and examples, although this type of sampling is more likely to appeal to organisers of larger events (i.e. larger budgets) than those of smaller events.

The book is aimed at higher education students, and would be of limited value to levels 2 and 3. For those students in H. E. seeking an in-depth text book on event management, this would compliment other books, and give a North American flavour to their research.

Reviewer: Mike Dods MTS, Programme Manager, Leeds Park Lane College

Credits: Cheryl Mallen and Lorne J Adams

Publisher: Butterworth Heinemann, 2008

Pages: 248

ISBN: 978-0-7506-8477-7