Book Review

Tourism Society’s Dictionary for the Tourism Industry

The Tourism Society, the UK’s leading membership organisation for all sectors of the tourism industry, has launched the latest edition of the ‘Dictionary for the Tourism Industry’, edited by Verite Reily Collins and published by CABI. The dictionary includes an overview of industry terminology, explanations of industry specific terms, useful travel related facts on over 130 countries, practical words and idioms for guides and tour managers and airline and airport codings.

The Tourism Society is the leading membership association for tourism professionals with members from all sectors of the industry including students, academics, consultants, tour operators, travel agents, transport operators, foreign tourist organisations, tourist attractions, hoteliers, those working in the public sector and suppliers to the industry.

Reviewer: Verite Reily Collins

Publisher: CABI 2008

Pages: 140

ISBN: 978-1-84593-449-1

Note To Editors

The Tourism Society (est.1977) is the leading network of professionals in the industry. All sectors are represented: hotels, attractions, destinations, operators, travel companies, writers, academics, students and consultants. CABI is a world-leading publisher of bibliographic databases, books, and interactive electronic resources. Our expertise includes animal sciences, entomology, plant sciences, environmental sciences, human health, parasitology, mycology, crop protection, rural economics, rural development, and leisure and tourism.