Tourism Society and TCN Membership Analysis

A recent analysis of the Tourism Society membership shows the strength of TCN’s contribution and identifies
opportunities for engagement and growth.

Richard Denman, TCN Committee and TS Board Member, has recently undertaken an analysis of the Tourism
Society’s membership data. This has illustrated the important position of the TCN as a network within the
Society, as well as some opportunities for us to develop the membership and outreach. Key results include:

● TCN members account for around 20% of the total TS membership, amounting to nearly one quarter of full
paying members and fellows. We are the largest grouping within the Society.

● The TS also has around 25 members who are consultants but who are not currently members of TCN. If you
are one of them, please do join our network!

● The TS has a strong and growing group of members who are working in the field of marketing, media and
communications, including digital. Some of them are also members of TCN.

● Other TS members cover a good balance of individual tourism businesses, destinations, government
agencies and academia – A valuable spread of interests for consultancy contacts and engagement.

● Over one third of TS members joined the Society since 2011, while 20% joined before 1990 – A good mix of
senior experience and new faces.

Richard’s report also looked back at previous surveys of members of TS and TCN, which highlighted a common set of aspirations from membership, namely: personal professional recognition; networking with other professionals from across the tourism sector; and gaining and sharing knowledge and keeping up to date.

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